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As an IT offshore software company, we provide our clients across the globe with offshore development services including Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Website Development,  Enterprise Management Solutions and CCTV Solution. Learn more about our services.

Please check out our services process here. Since signing on the contract, Genetixtech has strictly followed the Agile development methodology and lets you involve in every sprint and process.

Before setting a clear timeline, we need to clarify our clients’ requirements as detailed as possible. In general, a project could typically take from 3 to 6 months depending on its complexity. Some projects in which web or mobile applications need to be Integrated with 3rd party systems such as payment gateways might take up more time.

You can expect a single installer who is able to service a home up to two stories in height using a standard two-section ladder for access to the camera mounting positions. The pro will run and conceal the video cables you supply between the camera and the DVR unit. The camera will require a local power socket and final camera mounting position will be governed by available viewing angles and safe ladder access. A final assessment of camera images will be carried out to confirm that the system is operational following the installation and the pro will show you how to use your new system. Providers are not expected to patch or repair the drywall if holes must be cut to run cables through your walls. Remote viewing setup is not included in the price of this service

With over 6 years of experience, Genetixtech is proud to deliver over 173 projects to many clients across the globe. We have been serving all businesses from fast-growing startups to SMEs and large cooperations. Genetixtech commits to bringing you powerful digital solutions in the most optimal method and the highest investment efficiency.


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